Tuesday 4th September 2018

Opening Keynote Speech: Michael Ellis, Minister for Arts, Heritage and Tourism. 

Provenance and the Blockchain: Issues and Future Visions:  This panel explores the topic of provenance and due diligence in the art market. The session will open with an introduction to the blockchain and this will be followed by a discussion that will assess current approaches to ownership history and investigate the likely future impact of blockchain technologies on the market.  Issues we seek to explore include:

  • What is the current state of provenance research in the art market?
  • What impact might the digitisation of catalogues raisonnés have on approaches to provenance?
  • Could the blockchain revolutionise how we address provenance in the future?
  • Should we be seeking an international industry standard for the recording of provenance in catalogues raisonnés, auction catalogues and archives?
  • Can provenance research be applied to the market for antiquities and cultural heritage?
  • How can collectors be encouraged to engage with the importance of provenance, particularly as prices rise and risks multiply?
  • How might artists be affected by these new technological developments?
  • To what extent might such emerging technologies disrupt traditional approaches to art business more generally?  Speakers: Robert Upstone (Robert Upstone Ltd), Jess Houlgrave (Codex Protocol) and Gareth Fletcher (Sotheby’s Institute), moderated by Tom Flynn (Flynn & Giovani)

Why brown is the new black?  Whether new audiences coming to auctions online, or a re-birth for the decorative arts sector, there are exciting developments impacting the way in which people are engaging with collecting today. Christie’s has been instrumental in shaping opinions and influencing a new appreciation for heirlooms in recent months.  As tastes evolve, Dirk Boll, President of Christies’s EMERI, discusses current trends and shares predictions for the future of collecting.

The Fifth Anti-Money Laundering Directive – what does this mean for the art trade? This session will ask: why us?  What the AML regulations seek to prevent & how do they do it?  Who is required to comply with the regulations?  What does compliance involve? Plus Practical issues for KYC, understanding the transaction, source of funds & risk assessments.  This is practical session will offer guidance and advice and is now relevant to any business selling works of art with transactions of €10,000 or more.

Other topics will include:

The Evolving Art Fair – speakers to be confirmed shortly.

A Comparative Art Law Study: to litigate, mediate or arbitrate? This session will explore the potential solutions to art law cases.

The Entrepreneurial Museum – in the wake of funding cuts, how are museums exploring new revenue opportunities. This session will also explore how museums are working more closely with the art trade. Speakers to be confirmed shortly.