2018 Conference

The second edition of The Art Business Conference in New York was held on Tuesday April 17, 2018. The conference brought together over 250 senior art market professionals from across 125 organisations to discuss the key issues affecting the international art market.

This year’s conference topics included: The Future of Collecting, Traveling Exhibitions, Protecting an Artist’s Legacy, Art Market Principles and Best Practices and protecting your organisation from Cybercrime.

Download the 2018 programme here

2018 Speakers

Daniel McClean

Stefania Bortolami

Jennifer Deason

Tiffany Bell

Noor Kadhim

Suzanne Quigley

Christa Blatchford

Aaron Aanenson

Alexander Forbes

Devang Thakkar

Aviva Lehmann

Anne Rappa

Elizabeth Szancer

Tim Schneider

Jo Backer Laird

Alexander Caplan

Magnus Resch

Lindsay Pollock

David Grosz

Philip Hewat-Jaboor

Megan Fox Kelly

Noah Horowitz

Sarah Hanson

Jennifer Schipf

Wendy Lindstrom

Bernadine Bröcker Wieder

Kevin Lay