2019 Conference

The third edition of The Art Business Conference in New York was held on Tuesday April 9, 2019. The conference brought together over 250 senior art market professionals from across 125 organisations to discuss the key issues affecting the international art market.

2019 Speakers

Edward Dolman

Bill Charron

Amy Wexler

Joshua Greenberg

Walter Biggs

Sarah Douglas

Michelle Stroube

Leo Naut

Helen Stoilas

Thomas Galbraith

Amanda Gray

Clemence Bergal

Abdulrahman Al-Ishaq

Tom Eccles

Suzanne Siano

Andrew Schoelkopf

James Ratcliffe

Adam Fields

Mary Buschman

Alexander Forbes

Devang Thakkar

Megan Fox Kelly

Natasha Fekula

Wendy Lindstrom