Anne Rappa

Anne Rappa has more than 20 years’ experience working on commercial, collection, artist and museum fine art insurance policies. In addition to her background as a fine art insurance specialist,Anne has a diverse general insurance expertise.  At Huntington T. Block, Anne provides tailored coverage and insurance service to complex and large fine art clients consisting of large and mid-sized art galleries, auction houses, conservators and consultants in addition to museums and public and private foundations, private and corporate collectors and living artists.

Anne has handled projects ranging from billion dollar valued art collection policies, outgoing loans and traveling art exhibitions as well as bespoke and unique pop up and site specific art exhibitions. She has worked on private collections that have been the foundation of the opening and later execution of formal museums. She has worked on private collections turned into foundations as well as representing living artists whose inventory has turned into estates and subsequent foundations. Anne is a nationally licensed Property and Casualty Insurance broker and has won the prestigious Risk and Insurance Magazine “Power Broker” award in the fine arts category five times (most recently in 2017).