Amalia Dayan

Amalia is a founding partner at Luxembourg & Dayan gallery (est. 2009).  

Luxembourg & Dayan operates both in London and New York, specializing in Modern and  Post-War art.  Among its various activities, Luxembourg & Dayan exhibits at Art Basel Switzerland, Art Basel Hong Kong, and Frieze Masters.

The gallery’s repertoire of exhibitions spans from historical monographic displays of artists such as Marcel Duchamp (2009), Domenico Gnoli (2012, 2018), Alberto Burri (2015), César (2013, 2016), and Alberto Giacometti (2016, 2018), to contemporary displays of artists such as Richard Prince (2015), Jeff Koons (2010), and Alex De Corte (2015), among others. Major thematic exhibitions include Grisaille (2011), Not So Still Life (2014), and The Ends of Collage (2017).

Among her previous positions, Ms. Dayan was Director of Sales at Gagosian, Contemporary Art Specialist at Phillips, de Pury & Luxembourg, and Director at Deitch Projects.

Ms. Dayan graduated from Tel Aviv University (1997), and holds a Masters in Art and Business from NYU (1999). Over the past two decades she has collaborated with some of the most prestigious public and private collections in the world specializing in Post-War art.