Jeff Chang

A Chinese singer with many classic songs. Many people also know about his personal hobby – collecting. Jeff has over 30-year experience of collecting.  In 2015, the exhibition planned by him “Spectacular Fabrics from a Fashionable Time, Ladies’ Textiles of the Qing Dynasty”, was held in National Museum of History, Taipei, which exhibited Jeff Chang’s great collection of more than 70 women court dress of the Qing Dynasty and the Emperor Chia-Ching’s dragon robe.  The exhibition reinterpreted the dressing culture and the aesthetic fashion of the Qing Dynasty.  Except for his professional collection of clothing, Jeff was rarely known by people that he has also dabbled in collecting ancient calligraphy and painting, furniture, buddhist statues and oil paintings. Jeff Chang studied hard with his rigorous attitude in music production, so that he could acquire numerous great collections.