Amir Soleymani

Amir aka mondoir is a philanthropic activist, art collector and gallerist residing in Liverpool, UK.
He started his journey in NFT space in early days and supported and elevated many artists nowadays knows as blue chip in NFT art space.
His NFT art and collectibles collection consists of over 2000 pieces notably Paris Hilton/Blake Kathryn piece, Genesis of Time magazine, Forbes, Man City and most recently Adidas/Prada piece.
He created the NFT Guild with “in good we trust” slogan to create an army of likeminded people to utilise the potential of NFT technology to help disadvantaged, elevate unseen and create awareness in different causes from human rights and freedom of speech to child abuse and environmental issues.
He is preparing a one of kind NFT art exhibition at his gallery space in Liverpool for 130+ days showcasing more than 1500 NFT artworks.