Loretta Würtenberger


After studying law, philosophy and art history, Loretta Würtenberger earned her doctorate in international copyright and patent law at the Max Planck Institute, subsequently becoming the youngest German judge ever, serving at the district court of Berlin. She has been a partner at Fine Art Partners since 2009 and has launched The Institute for Artists Estates in 2016. The first of its kind in Europe, the Institute for Artists’ Estates is a central reference point for all matters concerning artists estates, with focuses on research, networking, managing and consulting. Würtenberger is also a co-founder of Contemporary Art Alliance, a non-profit organisation supporting young contemporary artists in Berlin and has been lecturing regularly at universities across Europe for over fifteen years. She is the author of the book The Artist Estate: a Handbook for Artists, Executors, and Heirs, published in June 2016 by Hatje Cantz Verlag.