Manoj Phatak

At a time when financial markets are in turmoil, many investors have turned to tangible assets such as art to diversify their portfolios.

The European Fine Art Foundation (TEFAF) calculated the global sales of art at 64 Billion USD in 2015 and Skates Art Investment Report estimates that the global inventory of art objects is valued at 400 Billion USD.

Many of these objects are light-sensitive but there is no product on the market at this time which proactively reduces this risk as a function of the sensitivity of the item.

Manoj Phatak, Founder & CEO of ArtRatio, has developed a patent-pending conservation / display solution based on electro-optic glass and sensor-driven electronics to protect the financial value of such works of art for future generations.

ArtRatio conservation cases become transparent only when someone is nearby, providing a spectacular presentation of manuscripts, maps, antique jewellery, rare books and photographs.

At all other times, the opaque glass facade protects the work from UV, IR and visible light damage, which can cause colour fading and structural breakdown of sensitive materials, resulting in a reduction in their market value.

Conservation data is collected, analysed and displayed 24/7 by our products to proactively reduce the risk of long-term damage to the object as a function of its CIE 157 light sensitivity.

ArtRatio currently protects the market value of two original maps of the 1815 Battle of Waterloo as well as a ‘Torres’ Spanish guitar handmade in 1888, for museums and private collectors across Europe.

Manoj is a Chartered Engineer and holds degrees from Southampton and Oxford Universities.  Manoj delivers corporate training and consultancy worldwide to reduce IT project costs and drive in-house product innovation for clients such as SwissRe, HSBC, Qatar Petroleum, Barclays and Adidas.