Mohammad Saeed Al-Shehhi


Chief Operating Officer, Dubai Design District (d3)

Mohammad Saeed Al-Shehhi is the Chief Operating Officer of Dubai Design District (d3), home for the region’s growing community of creative thinkers. d3 plays a key element in Dubai’s vision to transform into an innovation-led economy, and it aims to engage, inspire and enable emerging talent, as well as providing a platform to showcase Arab creativity to a larger, global audience.

As a dedicated creative destination, d3 answers a growing need for the regional design industry, ensuring that this important sector is able to develop and thrive. It provides businesses, entrepreneurs and creatives from across the design value chain with an ideally located, purpose built and sustainable ecosystem, which leverages technology to integrate ‘smart’ solutions throughout the development.

d3 is a destination as well as a business community, bringing together design enthusiasts, artists and creatives from all corners of the world to enable collaboration and advancements. From world leading events, to a unique composition of restaurants catering for all tastes, d3 is home for those who wish to co-exist in a centre aligned to their passion.