Noelle McElhatton

Noelle has edited Antiques Trade Gazette since June 2015 when she was hired by the Auction Technology Group to consolidate the 46-year old print weekly’s reputation as the bible for buyers and sellers in the art market and evolve it into digital and live platforms.

Backed by Auction Technology Group’s sustained investment in the title, a team of 12 journalists, digital and art editors produce expert content for the Gazette hourly, daily and weekly.

The editorial team now publishes news at least four times a day on and key social media platforms. A redesign in print and new website were unveiled in 2016, followed by a web refresh in 2017.

As the art market faces unprecedented regulatory, commercial and technological challenges, a key focus for Noelle has been to boost ATG as a vital platform for debate between buyers and sellers, auctioneers and dealers. ATG’s now regular ‘round tables’ have become must-read features as they tackle the critical issues facing the trade in art and antiques.

Before editing ATG, Noelle was a marketing journalist and editor for 20 years, covering the advertising and digital marketing industries. During her 12 years at Haymarket Media Group, she was editor of the award-winning Marketing magazine and a frequent media commentator on marketing and data-related issues.

Her freelance work includes articles in the Financial Times, Metro and The Guardian.

Noelle is moderating the Managing Reputation in the digital age session. A keen tweeter, Noelle has a personal following of more than 2,800 people and in her time as ATG editor, has overseen a doubling of the brand’s Twitter following to over 8,500.

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