Stacie McCormick

Stacie McCormick is a US born, UK based multi-disciplined artist. She holds a Masters degree in Fine Art and exhibits internationally. She is the Director and Founder of artist-led Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop, an Arts Council England supported organisation, providing exceptional opportunities for artists and the public through their ambitious programming. Since 2015 they delivered more than 60 exhibitions with over 400 artists and curators, establishing a growing community of artists & art lovers. McCormick is also the visionary mind behind the new art world app FairArtFair, a new platform destination creating access for art lovers, curators and artists to connect, discover and organise.

Unit 1 Gallery | Workshop hosts 4 Residency Programmes (Radical Residency®, Solo Residency, Duo Residency and Writing Residency) with 25 artists in residence a year (20 Radical Residents®, 3 Solo Residents, 2 Duo Residents). The initiative has given space and time to 67 resident artists to date from 23 different nationalities with a majority of women represented throughout their programmes (48 Radical Residents, 18 Solo Residents and 2 Duo Residents, 2 Writing Residents). More than 75 artists received grants as part of their Fundraising Campaign during the first Lockdown in 2020. In response to cancelled graduation shows, they were the first to provide exhibitions for 64 artists from 4 different art colleges in the UK. Now repeated with a further 4 schools and 78 artists. Since March 2020, Stacie has personally conducted over 130 live conversations on IGTV with artists, curators, art industry experts and art lovers, which have been published as an ongoing book series.   The newest initiative from McCormick is FairArtFair, that is born directly from this experience and all that a community of artists and collectors have illuminated.

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