Thomas Galbraith

Thomas has played an integral role in the art market for over 15 years. Galbraith is currently the CEO of Hindman, an auction house based in Chicago, Illinois. He has extensive knowledge and experience in the art landscape, recently been Consulting CEO of Twyla, Inc. (a Google Ventures company), Managing Director at Paddle8, and Director of Global Strategy at artnet AG. He has previously held positions at The Art Loss Register, AIG, and AXA. Additionally, Galbraith served as an Adjunct Professor at both New York University and Asia Institute of Art & Finance (AIAF) covering online art market, art as an investment, and art market analysis. He has been a long-term member and served as the Treasurer for the APAA (Association of Professional Art Advisors).

He has been invited to speak at art and business conferences across the world including Beijing, Barcelona, Sao Paolo, London, Berlin, Basel Miami, and Maastricht. Galbraith has appeared frequently in the press, featured in articles in the New York Times, Financial Times, among others and provided a quarterly art market update to Bloomberg Radio.